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B232IUNVHP-N (B232IUNVHP-B) Universal Triad® Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

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UNIVERSAL Triad® Electronic Fluorescent Ballast, 120V-277V, One or Two F32T8, F25T8, F17T8, F28T8, F40T8 Lamps, Low Temperature 0° F and 20% Energy Savings, Instant Start Ballast
Triad B232IUNVHP-N Ballast

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  • Triad B232IUNVHP-N Ballast
  • B232IUNVHP-N Single Lamp Wiring
  • B232IUNVHP-N Two Lamp Wiring
  • Triad B232IUNVHP-N Ballast


UNIVERSAL Electronic Fluorescent T8 Ballasts

Product Attributes

• UL listed (Class P, Type 1 Outdoor), CSA Certified • Meets FCC Part 18 (Class A) for EMI and RFI • Low Starting Temperature: 0° F, -18° C • Sound Rated: A • NEMA Premium Energy Saving!
Equivalent Replacement for:

  • GE GE-232-120-N, GE-232-277-N, GE-232-MV-N
  • Sylvania QT2X31/220IS, QT2X31/220ISN-SC, QT2X32/277HD10, QT2X32/277IS, QT2X32/277ISN-SC, QT2X32T8/120ISN, QT2X32T8/120ISN-SC, QT2X32T8/277ISN, QT2X32T8/277ISN-SC, QTP2X32T8/120ISN-SC, QTP2X32T8/277ISN-SC, QTP2X32T8/UNVISN-SC, M2-IN-T8-D-277, M2-RN-T8-1LL-B-120, M2-RN-T8-1LL-D-120, QT2X31/220HD10
  • Dynamic Ballast DY232ISWV, DY232IS120, DY232IS277
  • Sola E-758-F-232, E-758-T-232
  • Sli/Valmont E232IUVN, U232PI277S
  • TOUVE 120-2G-32EC
  • Howard EP2/32IS/120-277, EP2/32IS/120-277SC, EP2/32IS-120, EP2/32IS-277
  • Inter-Global IG17-40ELU-HPF
  • Advance Philips RCN-2P32, ICN-2P32-SC, ICN-2P32-N, ICN2P32SCHAZ, ICN-2M32-MC, R-2P817-TP, REL-2P32-SC, RK-2S32-TP, V-2P817-TP, V-2P825-TP, V-2P840-TP, VCN-2P32-SC, VK-2S32-TP, VEL-2P32-SC, XEL-2P32-SC, VCN-2P32
  • Universal B232IUNVHP-B, B2321UNVHP-B, B232IUNVHPB, B2321UNVHPB, B232I120HP, B232I120HP-B, B232I220HP-B, B232I277HP-B, B232I277HP, ES6022AMT10, ES6052AMT10, ES6072AMT10, QT2X31/220HD1, QT2X31/220HD10, QT2X32/277HD1, QT2X32/277HD10, SLI232IUNVHPB, SLI232IUNVHP-B, B232I220HP, 525-L-TC, 526-L-TC-P

    Additional Information

    Brand Universal
    Our Part No BSF-B232IUNVHP-N
    Weight 0.8000
    Fixture Type Electronic Fluorescent
    Product Data Sheet
    Case Size 10
    UPC 768386550617
    Lamp (2/1) F32T8, (2/1) F32T8ES 30W, (2/1) F32T8ES 25W, (2/1) F28T8, (2/1) F25T8, (2/1) F17T8, or (1) F40T8. Also equivalent U-shaped lamps
    Number Of Lamps 1, 1 or 2, 2
    Dimensions 9.5” H x 1.31” W x 1.0” H
    Features Minimum Starting Temperature 0° F, -18° C
    Warranty 60 Month Universal Warranty
    Mfr Part # B232IUNVHP-N
    Alternative Keywords B2321UNVHPN, B232IUNVHP-N000I
    Input Voltage 120-277

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